The law today is a rapid and dynamic response to innovations in social sphere,
public life, economy and business. The new areas of practice arise between traditional
branches of the law and changes in legislation form the basis for development of new industries.

Attorneys’ Association Legard has gathered the specialists who are ready to promptly respond to current requests from individuals and business representatives. Our team includes the best lawyers of Ukraine in their practices, nominees and holders of the “Lawyer of the Year” title in various categories.

We created a strong team as we are competent in:
  • Promoting reliable legal protection of business from raiding, tax, corporate and other risks;
  • Equalize opportunities in disputes between business representatives and regulatory authorities;
  • Support projects in the field of information technology and gambling;
  • Assist in the successful resolution of complicated family and inheritance disputes;
  • Find a way out of difficult situations when freedom, honor and reputation of the person are on the line.

The principles of attorneys’-at-law ethics, honesty and impartiality in relations with clients, preserving confidentiality of information provided by them always remain the absolute for each member of our team.

What you will never hear from us is: “It is impossible”. Instead, we shall clearly and truthfully outline the options and their possible consequences.

Work on the result

We do not treat tasks formally. What matters is not the process, but the result.

More than 10 years of experience

Attorneys’ Association Legard united specialists who are willing to provide a promptly respond to current requests of individuals and representatives of business. Our team includes the best lawyers of Ukraine in their spheres of practice, nominees and holders of the title the “Lawyer of the Year” in various categories.

About the company
  1. Years of experience Legal practice since 2010
  2. Efficiency A key characteristic of our team
  3. High qualification Our staff includes experts in their field of law
  4. Impeccable reputation We are completely open and honest with customers and partners
Our team

Our team includes lawyers who specialize in various areas of law

We will analyze your situation in detail to find the best solution

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Oleksii Haievskyi Managing partner. Lawyer. Specialization: business law, legal support of business entities and subjects of the gambling industry
Oleg Burgela Senior partner. Lawyer. Specialization: criminal law, administrative law
Maryna Cymbal Lawyer. Specialization: tax law, criminal law
Roman Sulyk Lawyer. Specialization: family law, IT law, intellectual property law.

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