Corporate law

The rules of the game in the business environment are becoming more complex, including due to the introduction of a large number of new legislative norms and frequent changes to existing regulatory legal acts. In order to minimize legal risks, companies began to introduce a special mechanism - compliance control. Along with this, the support of an experienced lawyer in the field of corporate law remains a vital tool for the stable operation of any company.
How not to fall out of the legal field, how to preserve and increase your business in the face of legislative turbulence? Legard lawyers will help you find answers to these questions.
Our corporate law practice covers all stages of the business life cycle and provides the following services:
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Business registration:

choice of organizational and legal form (LLC, FLP, JSC, and so on), resolving issues with the name, legal address, preparation and filing of state registration documents to the registrar of constituent documents, registration of a trademark, obtaining licenses and permits, registration of a taxpayer.

Change in the size

of the authorized capital, name, KVED, director, composition of the founders / ultimate beneficial owners, legal address.

Accompanying the purchase and sale

of corporate rights, as well as the division of business between former spouses after a divorce, the introduction of an heir to the founders of an LLC.

Mergers and acquisitions M&A

other types of reorganization (accession, separation, transformation, division): structuring of transactions, support of negotiations, preparation of draft agreements.

Anti-raider protection:

 assessment of the presence / absence of the company's vulnerabilities for raiders, work to eliminate the identified "weak points", development of instructions for the company's personnel regarding behavior in the event of a raider takeover.

Support in the liquidation of legal entities:

development of a profitable model for the termination of the company, preparation and submission of the necessary package of documents.

Resolution of corporate disputes:

the use of ADR methods (mediation, negotiations, case support in an arbitration court, and so on) and representation of the client's interests in court.

Due Diligence

of a potential investment / merger and acquisition object or a debtor (assessment of assets, market position, economic activity in general, verification of encumbrances, and so on).

Advice on structuring / optimizing the business management model,

on restructuring (allocation of non-core assets and sale of illiquid assets), on tax optimization issues.

A new direction of work of Legard specialists is compliance practice (implementation of a legal risk management system), which includes:

  • identification of legal threats and risks to business;
  • development of documents and procedures to ensure compliance of the company's activities with current legislation;
  • prevention of risks of non-compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • elimination of conflict of interest;
  • data protection (subject to GDPR);
  • antitrust compliance;
  • development of the Code of Corporate Conduct, which regulates the rules of conduct of employees in interaction with customers, contractors, other employees, regulatory authorities, other third parties.


For a business to work, take care of a solid legal foundation for it!

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