Gambling business

August 13, 2020 is the opening date of the legal gambling industry in Ukraine. On this day, the Law of Ukraine №768-IX "On state regulation of activities related to the organization and conduct of gambling" of 14.07.2020 came into force.

How to make a high profit in the field of gambling and risk, but not to expose yourself to excessive risk? Legard is ready to work with you as a team to provide a solid legal foundation for your business.

While others are waiting for the rules of the gambling business to be honed in the national jurisdiction, we are already working!

  • Due Diligence of legal entity conducting gambling as to compliance with the Law No 768-ІХ: comlex audit of your business or object of potential investment
  • Legal advice on establishment and development of gambling start-up, a choice of an optimum type of licenses, repair of “pitfalls” to be avoided, advice on registration of trademarks and the domain
  • Preparation of set of documents for the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission, including various documents for obtaining of license, conducting relvant types of gambling, as well as permissions regarding complience of premices and gaming equipment with requirenmets set by the Law No 768-IX.
  • Comprehensive support for obtaining licenses / permits at the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission from the time of submission of documents to the time of obtainment of relevant permits.
  • Appealed against decisions of the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission on refusal in issuing of permits.
  • Certification of gambling equipment in accordance with requirements of the license for selected activity
  • Legal documentating of events (events, tournaments) and marketing campaigns related to activities of gambling entities
  • Development of instructions for staff on behavior during scheduled and unscheduled inspections of regulatory authorities, searches, interrogations, etc.
  • Subscribtion for legal service for gambling business entities: legal advice, development of agreements with contractors and personnel (employment contracts), preparation of reports, control of certification of gambling equipment, support during inspections / searches of controlling bodies, appeal against inspection results
  • Legal advice
  • Drafting of agreements with the conterparties
  • Drafting of employment agrements
  • Preparation of reporting
  • Control of gambling equipment certification
  • Assistance during inspections of regulatory authorities, searches
  • Appealing against the results of inspections


Legal entity that organizes gambling is obliged to have at least two licenses – for the right to conduct such activity and for particular activity.

The Law sets 11 types of licenses related to gambling (art. 4 of the Law №768-ІХ):

  1. Casino license
  2. Online casino license
  3. Bookmaking license
  4. Slot machine license
  5. Internet Poker licence
  6. License for gaming table or roulette
  7. License for bookmaker’s point
  8. License for a slot machine
  9. License for provision of services in the sphere of gambling
  10. License for totalizator at the racetrack
  11. Investment license


Information about legal entities is included into the Register of Organizers of Gambling in Slot Machines Halls, Register of Organizers of Bookmaking Activities etc. (art. 5 of the Law No 768-IX)


Offences in the sphere of gambling cause responsibility, including criminal responsibility as provided by art. 203-2of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: “Illegal activity of organization and conducting of gambling and lottery”.

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